European Explorers


Sailed for England


Reasons for Sailing

John Cabot was an English explorer who was sent to explore the "New World" by King Henry VII. England was anxious to explore the lands explored by Christopher Columbus. England was also interested in finding lands that the English could claim as colonies.

Route Taken and Obstacles Faced

John Cabot believed that he could find a water route to Asia by sailing northwest across the Atlantic Ocean. While on his journey Cabot experienced bad weather, food shortages, and conflicts with his crew and was forced to return to England.


The next year Cabot tried to find the Asia route again. This time he reached North America. He reached and explored Newfoundland, Canada in 1497. His landing allowed England to claim what is now Canada.

Cabot was still determined to find a northwest route to Asia and tried again by sailing south along the Canadian coast. During this voyage Cabot and his men were lost at sea and never seen again